Thu 20 Apr 2017

Immigration policies strike the right balance

New Zealand continues to be an attractive place to visit, work and live. More Kiwis are coming home, fewer are leaving, and more people from around the world want to come here.

Thu 20 Apr 2017
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Children and young people’s safety and wellbeing comes first in new Ministry

It’s important our vulnerable children and young people have a safe, stable and loving home so they can go on to lead successful lives.

Thu 20 Apr 2017
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 Remembering and honouring the sacrifices of our veterans

20 April 2017

This Anzac Day is a chance for us to reflect on the effects of a war which touched the lives of every New Zealand family, and honour our veterans’ contribution to the peace, freedom, and security our country enjoys today.

Wed 12 Apr 2017

Hon Craig Foss

MP for Tukituki

Media statement

12 April 2017

Round the clock coverage to prevent crime in Hawke’s Bay

Tue 11 Apr 2017
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Media statement

11 April 2017

2017 NZ Youth Awards winners

Craig Foss, National MP for Tukituki is rapt to see such an impressive array of young people receiving recognition for their enterprise and ingenuity at the 2017 NZ Youth Awards.

Thu 6 Apr 2017
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Building for more growth

6 April 2017

New Zealand is growing strongly – stronger than most countries.

Under the National-led Government we have got back on our feet after the Global Financial Crisis, got people into jobs, got back to surplus, and dealt with natural disasters.